Building a New Video Facility From the Ground Up

The computer flooring was interesting to work with. You would think that with 24", there would be room for everything you might ever want to put in there, but by the time you put ducts for air conditioning (a thing which the fire department just HATES!), power conduits, earthquake bracing (Yes, this was L.A.) and then signal cable, you end up with something that looks like...

This! It may be hard to recognize because there is so much of it, but that is Belden 8241 low-loss cable (the thick tough-to-work-with kind) and each was cut to length, and had a cable number attached to both ends derived from my drawings. There was a lot more cable than usual because of the router/production switcher re-entry issue, but I chose passive cable delay vs. expensive, active Delaying DA's. Since the switching gear for both animation bay consoles was in the master control area, all the cable ended up concentrated in one area, so this was where the traffic jam was.

This shows the main rack area with the new routing, patching and monitoring equipment installed. I hired Sonny King's son Stevan to crawl around under there pulling cables for us. The biggest problem was that once the air conditioning was on, it was freezing cold down there, and people don't like a cold floor. There was also a sound issue where things like high-heels would echo around under there into several rooms. This was mostly solved by the selective use of mats and carpet, leaving the floor tiles pullable in case we needed to run cable.

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